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Page with question from mdg5 and space to add your answers

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mdg5, Redstone P.S., Canada (teacher Linda Binicki), Question:


 The UN's goal of gender equality is to provide equal education opportunities for women around the world by 2015.  Statistics show that men are paid more for the same job that women complete, and women are given less chances for education in many regions across the globe.


Why do you think this inequality exists?  Use examples and statistics to support your opinion and thoughts about the reasons behind the inequality.


Do you think this millennium goal is achievable?  If so, what is the next step after 2015 for the UN to promote gender equality?  Justify your answer.  If not, what changes need to be made now by the UN to ahieve their objective? Jusify your answer. 


Use the following website to start your research:



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Why do you think this inequality exists?  Use examples and statistics to support your opinion and thoughts about the reasons behind the inequality.


1. more men are educated than women

when we compare the nnumber of the women and the mwn who are educated, statistics show that mare men are educated. this may be due to the tasks that the girl child has to perfom compared to the boy child


2.due to beliefs in tradition

beliefs in tradition tell that men are more superior than women and hence many women most of whom are not educated


3. due to the free working abilities of men and women

women compared to the men can not fully work because they at one point will need babies and hence will have to take a leave from their places of work hence can do certain jobs


4.due to the manpower required to perform that job

some of the jobs need more energy and hence only men can perform them because they have a lot of energy, or manpower



Do you think this millennium goal is achievable?  If so, what is the next step after 2015 for the UN to promote gender equality?  Justify your answer.  If not, what changes need to be made now by the UN to ahieve their objective? Jusify your answer. 

Yes, it is achievable.

Measures To Solve Gender Inequality

Every problem has its own solution elsewhere or whatever the problem is? Like this phenomenon this problems has many measures out of which some of the simple one are stated below (except legislative and judicial Solutions).


1. Changes at District level mechanism: A clear cut administrative should be made available at the district level for monitoring and reviewing the incidence of inequality against women. This district level machinery headed by District Magistrate should consist of representatives of police, prosecution machinery, judiciary and the representatives of prominent individuals of women's organizations in the Districts. This committee should review progress of investigation and prosecution. At least one special cell should be created at the district level for ensuring better registration and progress of investigation and monitoring of crimes against gender equality. This special cell should network with community groups and women's organizations and help to create an atmosphere in which people would feel encouraged to freely report the cases of gender injustice. At present, most, non-reporting of the cases is due to lack of confidence in enforcement machinery.

The reporting of violence against women from the Thana to the district level and from district level to the state level gets obscured in the overall mass and complexities of the currently prescribed reporting system. Specific format should be created and implemented for reporting on gender-related crimes. 


2. Changes at State level Mechanism: Similarly, like District level mechanism there should be State level machinery at the State level in which there should be special entry for those cases which needs prompt actions. This institution will make a full control over the district level machinery. So that there should not be any corruption or fraud with innocent persons.


3. Law of Torts: An area of civil wrong is tort law. Tort law is probably one of the most underutilized areas of the law with respect to the problem of gender injustice. The torts that are directly applicable are:



mdg3, Kenya, Chavakali High School


Answer from mdg4


Inequality has existed since ancient times, when the head of the family and the powerful image was a man, who had the ability to perform physically hard work that women had to be prevented from. This could be an explanation to this major gender inequality problem in the labor market, which cannot be changed.


Nowadays, a child gets to know gender inequality from an early age, watching and learning from his or her family, seeing how household duties are divided between parents. Also Latvian men enter the labor market earlier, while women use more education opportunities.


Research has also been carried out showing that people believe that major work must be done by men. 

  1. A man is the head of the family, 86.3% of the respondents agreed with this statement;
  2. 67 % of the respondents think that women should take care of the household;
  3. 64.6% state that men have often been employed just because they are male;
  4. The most important finding is that 67.7% of the respondents are of the opinion that professions are divided between men and women regarding their occupations i.e. drivers are usually men, kindergarten teachers – women etc.


It is concluded that in order to promote gender equality in the labor market, there is a need to improve the level of education  of the country’s residents. The research points out the need for schools to pay more attention to a family or relationship-building as well as teach basics of subjects, like natural sciences  to both sexes. A big attention should be paid to motivation of men to get education that not only will improve men's quality of life and longevity, but also promote gender equality within families and, subsequently, in the labor market.





Answer from mdg6

We can all make a difference, one person at a time to stop a common struggle for balance for gender equality and female rights.  Things are put to action to fight against this international crisis, and we should all help to stand up against gender inequality. There are many ways to help; are you willing to take the next step forward to help decrease gender inequality?







Answer from mdg7


             Inequality exists because in many religions , men are those who must work and women must stay home and take care of children and house. Also women are disadvantaged because a man is more imposing , he knows what he wants and he gets it , but a women can do that to, all depends on education and personality. In many states, the religion is the most important fact who forms the education of the new generation. For example in Saudi Arabia women don’t have the right to vot or ride a bicycle , until 2006 they didn’t even have a identity card, their existence was a simple note on their father’s ID . Due the Islamic law women aren’t allowed to have a leading position, so we can see women aren’t the men’s equal in those states and probably ass long as their religion will stand up, they will never be.

                       Although in some states women are disadvantaged , in many they have the same rights as men. In many working areas I saw that women were more than man, so this isn’t a general fact , women are more likely to get a job as a secretary or a sales agent.

                         I don’t think this goal will be achieved , because it’s in the nature of humans to discrimintate, it’s the evil inside, which will never go. In my opinion, the educations it’s they key, the new generation shouldn’t be tought to see women different, they have qualities that men do not have,  we will never succed completely but it worths trying.

                    Women and men shouldn’t be equal or one superior then the other, they are two complementary elements, but people just don’t get it.






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Answer from mdg9

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