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3. Questions, February 27  - March 11 2012


Week 2-3
Each class formulates a question related to the Learning Circle theme, according to the criteria for a quality sponsored question.




mdg1, National College “B.P.Hasdeu”, Romania, Question:


Hello friends! Here are our questions:


1. Which of the  Milenium Development Goals do you think  it would be the most important ? Do you think that certain diseases like HIV / AIDS could affect these goals? How and how much?


2.Do you think that we can find more Milenium Development Goals?Where?Give us some exemples



MDG1 team


mdg2, Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, Kenya, Question:


 How does extreme poverty affect children’s right?

How can children participate in reducing hunger?



mdg3, Chavakali High School, Kenya, Question:


The campaign for gender equity and empowerment of women has only worked on empowering women.

In the present world nobody seems to care about the boy child.


1)     What example about this are in your country?

2)     What challenges does this lead to?

3)     How are you dealing with it?



mdg4, Limbazi Secondary School No3, Latvia, Question:

Why are there still countries where difference in their residents' way of living and their human rights is so great compared to the rest of the world, if the rest of the world are so developed and have partnerships with almost every country in the world?



mdg5, Redstone P.S., Canada (teacher Linda Binicki), Question:


The UN's goal of gender equality is to provide equal education opportunities for women around the world by 2015.  Statistics show that men are paid more for the same job that women complete, and women are given less chances for education in many regions across the globe.


Why do you think this inequality exists?  Use examples and statistics to support your opinion and thoughts about the reasons behind the inequality.


Do you think this millennium goal is achievable?  If so, what is the next step after 2015 for the UN to promote gender equality?  Justify your answer.  If not, what changes need to be made now by the UN to ahieve their objective? Jusify your answer. 


Use the following website to start your research:




mdg6, Redstone P.S., Canada (teacher Stephanie Ratti) Question:


Maternal healthcare and child mortality have a direct correlation.  Explain the connections between a pregnant woman's health and the chances of her child's survival. 


Compare and contrast the factors that contribute to maternal health and child mortality rates in each of the countries involved in our circle.  Is there a pattern? 


How is child mortality and maternal health affecting today's world and our ability to achieve the UN millennium goals?  What can your country do, as global citizens, to ensure that these goals are met by 2015? 


Use the following website to start your research:


mdg7,  Colegiul Economic Buzau, Romania Question:




Are there cases when people died ofamine in your country?
What measures does your country take ...?


mdg8, National College “B.P.Hasdeu”, Romania (teachers Luminita Popescu , Dana Trocaru) Question:


What is the government in your country doing to combat HIV/Aids?

-          How is your government raising awareness of HIV/Aids?

-          Has there been improved action in the last ten years, and in what ways?

-          How are HIV/Aids sufferers supported in your area?

-          Could it do more?


MDG8 team




mdg9,  BRUCE TRAIL PUBLIC SCHOOL, Canada Question:

Hello Learning Circle Members,


1.) In Canada, we are fortunate enough to be allied with most countries around the world.  In our community, it is very easy to access a variety of goods at all times.  It is simply a matter of going to the store and getting whatever it is you need.


Additionally, several countries rely on us to export to them many goods, in particular natural resources such as water and crude oil. 


Our question has to do with the Global Partnership Millennium Development Goal.


a.)   In general, what countries are you most strongly allied with/connected to? Reflect on the following to answer this question:

  1. Trade
  2. Military/Defense/Times of Crisis
  3. Natural Resources
  4. Technology


b.)  Which countries do you import goods from and export goods to? What materials does your country import/export


c.)   Who immigrates to your country and for what reasons (if at all)? Why do people emigrate from your country?


For more information about this MDG, please review the following site:













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How does extreme poverty affect children’s right?

How can children participate in reducing hunger?

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