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mdg6, Redstone PS, Canada (teacher Stephanie Ratti)

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Dear participants,

We are students from Redstone Public School; we are a mix of 12 to 13 year olds. Our first language is English, but we are bilingual country and also learn to speak French at school. We live in a very multi-cultural area named Richmond Hill which is located North of Toronto. In our community we have many parks and rivers with a variety of wildlife such as squirrels, geese, fish, rabbits, skunks etc. At school we also have eco-friendly programs such as boomerang lunches. We attend school on Monday through Friday at 9:10 am to 3:30 pm. We like to spend a fair amount of our time playing sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc and we also spend our days using electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, etc. The subjects we learn are math, language (reading, writing and oral communication), French (from grade 4 to grade 9), science, music, physical education, geography, history and art. Our class mainly relies on technology. Our school year is from September to June, with two main breaks: December break and March break. From July to September, we have our summer vacation. Redstone has students from kindergarten to grade 8. The time we spend on homework and studying usually varies from zero to two hours each night.


School is only one part of our lives. When not studying we like many things. Some good movies (in our opinion) are Abduction, 30 Minutes or Less, Step up 2, etc. Most of us use Facebook, some of us have twitter, and other social networking things like this. A lot of us listen to Eminem, Drake, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Nicki Minaj. Did you know that Justin Bieber, the singer, and Drake, the rapper, are from Canada?


Just to clarify some misconceptions about Canada - We do not sleep in igloos, and ride on polar bears, in case you were wondering. We say, ‘eh’ only sometimes. Popular sports here are baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer. Popular T.V shows here are The Big Bang Theory, Glee, and Degrassi (a show from Canada). We don’t have winter all year long; in fact we have spring, summer and autumn. The main Canadian symbols are a maple leaf and a beaver. Canada's national sport is actually lacrosse, not hockey. Canada is a large producer of maple syrup, but the one true fact about Canada is we love our Tim Hortin's coffee and donuts.


We have participated in the Global Teenager Project before so we have some experience. We will be looking forward to meeting you in the Global Teenager Project.  It has been a pleasure to introduce you to Canada and its typical teenagers.


Excited Participants,

The Students of Mrs. Ratti and Mr. Barwin's class


About our Teachers:

Mrs. Ratti and Mr. Barwin team teach our split grade 7/8 classroom. To describe our teachers fully, we have written a poem about each of them...



Mr. Barwin

Intriguing Author

Resourceful Teacher

Creative Thinker

South African

Mac Lover

PC Hater

Sports Writer

Family Man
Published Author

History Teacher


Mrs. Ratti

Laid Back

Dog lover

Fantastic teacher

Always helpful

Technology savy

Avid Reader

Tall Blond

Kind hearted

Technology Lover
Blackberry owner
Loves sailing

Sometimes intimidating
Comedic person




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