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Page history last edited by Sabrina Asta 12 years, 1 month ago

Hello everyone,


My name is Sabrina and I am a grade 8 teacher at Bruce Trail Public School in Milton, Ontario, Canada.  My class and I are thrilled to be participating in our first Global Teenager Project! We are equally excited about learning about each and every one of your classes, as well as learning about what life is like where you are from. This is my third year teaching at Bruce Trail.  My favorite subject to teach is Science and I particularly enjoy working on construction projects in our woodshop.  My students would agree that Starbucks coffee fuels my everyday teaching and keeps things running smoothly in our classroom!



Milton is located about half an hour from Canada's most populous city, Toronto.  It used to be a rural town, however in recent years it has grown to become one of the fastest growing communities in all of Canada. As a result, the area of Milton where Bruce Trail is located is quite multicultural. There is a lot of land in Milton, and there are many active farms that still exist around the area. 


My students attend school for about six and a half hours each day.  I teach Science and Technology (which includes working in a woodshop!), Math (Number Sense and Algebra) and English.  The grade 8s also learn Geography, History, French, Physical Education, Health, Visual Art and Music.  Technology is a large part of our everyday life at school.  Most students own their own cell phone, iPod, or laptop...some even own all three! Grade 8 students are allowed to use their iPods in class every day to listen to music while they work, to do research and even as a calculator during Math tests. 


While we complete the Global Teenager Project, we are also working on a unit based on the theme of "Global Citizens". At the end of June, all of my students will be going to high school.  I have begun to ask them how they can leave their legacy at Bruce Trail and we discuss how we can be effective citizens.  The idea of Millennium Development Goals fits in really well with this idea. 


Below are what some of my students wrote about themselves.




hello , we are bruce trail public school
we are looking forward to interacting with all of you !
living in canada , we love to draw , dance ,  taking pictures and play outside .
our school day is 6 and a half hours long and we have 6 periods and 2 lunch breaks.
we love to eat spring rolls , lasagna , chicken and pizza .
we wear clothing brands such as areopostale , tna , bench and lu lu lemon .
our school is very multi-cultural , some religions that we follow are , Islam ,christianity , hinduism and catholic.
we love our ipods and computers and are on them almost all the time and use them to help us with work inside the classroom.
we are excited to hear more about you !
intill next time ,
bruce trail grade 8's


Hello, we are grade 8 students from Bruce Trail Public School in Milton, Ontario in Canada. Here in Canada we are very multicultural. We are very developed, and life here is fairly easy, but there is also room to improve. Our average school day lasts for around 6 hours. Here at Bruce Trail, a majority of the students enjoy engaging in physical activity. We have numerous sports teams as well as clubs for the "not so athletic" students. Many kids in our school give great intrest to learning but at the same time, many of us would engage in activities outside of the school as well.


 Our school hours are 9:10am to 3:40 pm . Our breaks are each 40 minutes long. We enjoy playing various sports such as basketball,soccer and hockey. After school we play sports, video games and musical instruments. During school we do math, science, history/geography, english and other subjects. We live 45 minutes away from Toronto. Toronto is the most populous city in canada.  Although we live in Canada we have parents from different backgrounds such as India, Pakistan and Italy.  we all have computers in our house and other technology devices (ipods, blackberry playbooks, cellphones, wii, playstation etc.).  since we live in Canada we have access to foods from all around the world.


Hi, we are a group from Ms. Asta's grade 8 class in Milton Ontario.  Milton is a small town, but with a rapidly growing population, we will not be able to say that for long. This is our last year in Bruce Trail Public School, before we graduate into highschool. we study subjects such as language, math, geography, history, music, art, gym, french, science, etc. When we're not attending school, we enjoy shopping, playing badminton, soccer, and videogames,  acting, and just hanging out with friends.


    Living in milton canada is very fun and we have a great life style. Our school days are 0900 hrs- 1500 hrs. Things we like to do are for fun we usually play sports such as football, basketball, and soccer.  In school we get 2 recess/breaks in school.  In school recess we people play what ever they want and also we have an eating portion.  In school we obviously learn english and different ways to write also we have different periods to learn french for our second language.  In Milton, Canada or generally in Canada we like to eat variety of foods. In Milton we generally bring sandwhices, pizza, Maceroni and cheese and other quick snacks including vegetables and fruits. Milton Ontario is a multi cultural area. There are probobly over a 1000  different cultures in Canada.  Also in Canada we love all sports and have different programs for alot of sports and there  shows any different things we like to do and how we act.  This shows that where we are we like to do many different things, different ways of acting, and different things we like to do.

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Bob Hofman said

at 12:51 pm on Feb 28, 2012

Hi Sabrina and class.. one minute there is a message and the next minute it is gone :-)
Thx for adding the test mssg on the preparation page... looking forward reading your introductions... greetinsg from Holland, Bob

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