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News 11: Closing, 29-04-12

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The Global Teenager Project

Newsletter of the "MDG's"  

 Phase 6: Closing

Week 11: 30 April - 6 May 2012
Dear Friends,
We have come to the end of the Februay - May 2012 Learning Circle after a very productive and engaging  learning process.
Update of the Learning Circle

The update of the Learning Circles as of April 29th is posted . Thank you to all the participants who posted their summaries. We miss summaries from mdg1, mdg2, mdg8,mdg9 groups.

We realize that in some countries the first week of May is a holiday week, so the posting of the goodbye messages might take a bit more time.  


Agenda for the week
It is time to say goodbye and evaluate the work completed.
Please post your creative good-bye messages on the "Good-bye" page,
Survey: your opinion matters. We kindly ask teachers and students to complete the survey. (each teacher and at least 5 students). The evaluation results will help the project coordinators and country coordinators to assess the successes, challenges and the way forward of subsequent Learning Circles. Link to the English survey.

Facilitator's Goodbye Message
I express grattitude to teachers and students -LC participants for their fantastic performance during this LC. All of your messages, photos and videos show your commitment and interest in LC cooperation. Hope to meet with all of you in September 2012 LC.
Natasha Cherednichenko

 Quick Links

Global Teenager Project Website
Wiki Guide and GTP Teacher Guide
Cool Tools WikiLink to the LC Wiki

Link to the Weekly Overview in the wiki
Natasha Cherednichenko


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